25 February 2012

New love

Last night I met the Man of my dreams.

Got to stand next to him most of the evening.
Got to get my hands around him.
Got to put him through his paces.
Got to play with his legs - they go at right angles.
Marvelled at how much easier it is to use his joystick head.

He has opened up so many possibilities for me ...

Have you guessed yet?

I've met my Man, I've met a Man that will make my life easier and will help open up areas I have been reluctant to explore.

I've met my Manfrotto.

322rc2 Joystick friction grip - a joy to hold!

055xProB legs - legs that can do this are very useful

Quick look online shows that this Man is probably going to cost me about £250 but it will be well worth it as currently I hate my tripod so much I never use it. However this was a joy to use (possibly because of the joystick head - never has something been so aptly named). Will check out the business coffers this afternoon and see if it's something it can afford to buy me.

Sigh <3

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .