15 February 2012

Photo Tips #8

Top tips for you and your camera


We all love capturing a stunning landscape image don't we? After all they don't move around, they don't say they don't want their photograph taken and they usually always look beautiful! But they can be tricky blighters - tricky to get that stunner.

This week I'll share with you a few tips to help your landscape images really shine.
  • Really? - First you need to get to the bottom of what it is about this view that is really worth capturing. Have a look around, move around, view it from other angles, think about squatting down.
  • Composition - Think about composition - create a shape, with your thumbs and fingers or create a 'frame' and carry that with you. use it to hold up and frame the shot you are after. Do all this before you get your camera out. How does the scene look through your makeshift frame? Worth capturing?
  • Is it there? - Don't let your camera do all the work - pre-visualise the result in your head - then look hard, is that idea you have in your head actually there?
  • Emotion - Are you drawn to this image you have framed. Do you have an emotional response to it? If so - get your camera out.
  • Control the Light - Don't think about landscape photography on bright sunny days - they are not good photography days. Think about changeable weather. After a rain storm is perfect. Or the golden hours (hour after sun rise or hour before sun set)
  • Conclusion - See what you want to capture - don't just be happy with what you got.

Next top tip - Portraits  - next week.

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