16 September 2016

Beautiful Portraits

Well you all know that I love my work, so much so it really doesn't feel like work. On top of all that I also get to meet some of the most interesting people doing the most interesting jobs, each with their own unique vision.
So here are some of the lovely people I have photographed over the last two or three weeks...

Rachael Brown, AFH Wealth Management

Michelle Lerner, Lewis Adam Estate Agents
Rachael and Michelle, although running very different companies, share an office and both of the images above were captured in the same part of the office. Michelle wanted to show where she works and where she will be sitting with you when you visit her. She wanted to put her customers at ease before they had even said "Hello". Rachael needed an image suitable for her social media profiles (Linked In, Twitter) and so I put my grey backdrop up and shot Rachael in front of that.
I have organised my business and purchased kit that means I can be totally mobile. This means I can come to you and capture you in situ and if you have a number of staff then that means less disruption if you want photographs of them all.
I believe the shoot above shows that I can bring the studio to you no matter the size of space you have. The end result will be images you love, that tell your unique story, that you cannot wait to get on your website and all over social media.

Cheryl Morris, Creative Word PR
Next I visited Cheryl. She was very nervous about having the photographs done but wanted a variety of portraits for use on her website, on social media and also to support Press Releases and articles. I gave Cheryl top tips about posing and how photographers work; I let her choose her favourite backdrop, her preferred tops and jackets and put her at her ease. Part of what I do is calming people down, so I have learnt to tell jokes and make people laugh, relaxed and happy is the way you want to come across to your customers so that's what you need to look like in your photos. I also captured shots of her at work so that she can tell a much better story about what she does and how she does it on her website. I have a case study about this shoot - here.

Paul Blotheridge, Concept InfoTech

Paul Blotheridge, Concept InfoTech
And last, but not least, Paul. He wanted to show off how he can work just about anywhere and so after a breakfast network meeting we turned one end of the Café into a makeshift office. He was working as he took a call whilst I was shooting him. When then popped outside and made use of a brick wall to add some texture and captured a head and shoulder shot that Paul can start using on his social media profiles.
Happy clients. Happy me. Love what you do folks it's the only way to do this Rat Race thing.

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