21 May 2016

When it happens, it really happens ...

I've been wonderfully busy over the last week - which is the best feeling in the world. I have had clients each day for 7 consecutive days. Yep - I even work at the weekends!

So here's a quick review of what I did:
  • Individual Business Portraits x 3
  • Product Photography
  • Fashion Shoot
  • Business portraits - 23 people in 2 poses 
  • Event Photography
  • Family Portrait
Written down in a list like that it doesn't seem so great - but believe me it was fantastic. Also as well as that list of shooting I have also been to 5 networking groups, delivered a ten minute presentation on how to get the best out of your phone when capturing holiday snaps and had two 121 meetings to find out more about other people's businesses. 
Here's some of my work:

Fashion Shoot
 Product Shoot
 Event Photography

Portrait number 1

Portrait number 2

Pose number 1 for 23 members of staff

Portrait number 3
Family Portrait

Well when you group them together like that it seems that I am mostly a portrait photographer. I have meet some amazing people and had such fun and laughs with them. I have been told there are some lovely testimonials coming my way as well. 
Another great achievement this week was that I got to make use of my new lighting kit which I bought at the Photography Show back in March. I like them and will be make much more use of them in the future. Firstly thought I need to sort out a proper bag for them so that the lights and the stands they need can be easily transported/carried/moved about. This week was a little tough in that respect. But I have done a little research on Amazon and think I may have found a solution that saves my back and shoulders.
I have learned an awful lot from this week. And I am gloriously happy.
. . . . . . o o 0 o o . . . . . .