14 June 2012

Meetings and Sales

Well what a great start to my busy couple of weeks of meetings. Attended my first WIBN Leicester North meeting yesterday. What a great bunch of people; inspiring, talented, enthusiastic, diverse and interesting businesses. I have organised a number of 121 meetings and hope to find out some more about their business and see if we cant work together.

Also have a lot of interest in my Gift Cards as an ideal present for Father's Day and sold a couple. Think I might need to sit down with a couple of printers and get some quotes together for printing greetings cards and notelet packs there is so much interest in them.

Greeeting Cards

Gift Card - Camera appreciation and tuition

Last night I attended the WiRE network meeting where we met at Forever Forged, at Claymill Pumping Station and watched Hayley create delicate and beautiful pieces with metal, fire and a hammer. She is a passionate and gifted woman. It is so great to see this wonderful trade continued and updated. I will be placing many orders for xmas presents.

Again I sold quite a few cards and had quite a bit of interest shown in people wanting more and ideas for outlets for them. Must get onto those printers.

Today is a busy day, delivering work, collecting stock for a piece I am working on, rendering a time-lapse movie (will share at some point), approving the final amends to my website updates, processing event images taken on Monday, sending out invites to my exhibition next week and going out on a date.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .