13 February 2014

I have a plan, a plan for a van

I have a plan, a plan for a van. I have been working to achieve this 5 year goal. I am 3 years into this plan but as my work has increased my need to be able transport kit and an assistant has also increased. The space in a two seater sports car has not been helping me with that so I decided it was time to implement the van plan now.
First step was to go and look at potential vans and I have to say that even the smallest of vans was too big for my needs. I also found out that insurance would be higher on a van as it would be seen as commercial and charged accordingly. I therefore had to think about cars. An estate car was far too big and impractical, a salon did not offer flexibility on space - so I hatched a plan for a hatchback.
I used to own a Peugeot 306 and that was like a tardis. I decided that I needed something similar. A couple of weekends ago I popped along to a local garage and found a hatchback within my budget with the lowest mileage I could imagine on a 12 year old car (45,000 crazy).
I am now the (un)lucky owner of a FIAT Punto and finally waved goodbye to my MX5. I have been driving a sports car for 10 years and I have to say a 1.2litre engine has been an awful shock. However 2014 is the year of being practical and I know that my bank balance will love this car even if I never do.
I have already been out with the car fully loaded with kit and it was easy to convert and load. Think I need to make some further adjustments - but I think I can safely say that now I can take full kit and an assistant without any trouble.
The Van story in Pictures:
This is what I really wanted - but could not find it
This is what I went out to look at and realised a van
offered far too much space for my needs
Time to say goodbye to the Mazda Igloo ...
... and hello to the Fiat D"ismal hatchback
Bonus: I can fit all the kit in after playing with
 the 60/40 split rear seats.
Result: I still have two seats left
Note to Self:
Remember this is for practical reasons and you can always get something more exciting in the future.
. . . o 0 o . . .