05 June 2012

Time-Lapse Madness

Well I did it. Two cameras set up to capture the happiness and joy, fun and frivolity of the Jubilee Street Party in Market Street, Ashby.

One camera was safely locked away in an office, clicking and capturing a narrow view of about 9 tables from a first floor window; the second at street level near the pelican crossing at the Town Hall Market. The other cameras were used for various stills and mini time-lapses. I had enjoyed capturing one with the Fuji point and shoot, so I mounted it onto my new tiny tripod and got some candid shoots of peoples feet, rubbish, balloons and children having fun.

My favourite image of the day
It's hard work being a photographer!

There were occasional drizzling moments so I sent my sister off to get me a plastic bag. As long as the parts of the camera containing all the electronics were covered I didn't mind. The lens was well protected and it didn't matter if a few spots got onto the glass.

It was a lovely day. We were all putting on and taking off our coats as the sun came and went. There was a brass band, a choir, a horse and a fun fair.

Home to undertake a mammoth downloading session - approx 2800 images. The time-lapse was set to capture one image every 15 seconds and I stayed for 5 hours. Phew!

The office window view
Market Street before everyone arrived

The street level set up
The next 5 days will see me creating a movie out of these images and when I'm happy with it I'll post something here to show you.

Thanks go to Ashby Town Council who gave me permission to do this and found ways for it to work for me - Karen Edwards. Thanks to the new town mayor Geriant Jones - for his generous offers of hospitality. Thanks to Prescient Power (Karl) who let me set up a camera in his offices in amongst the Ashby Art Festival.

And of course the day would have been a lot more difficult without the help and entertainment provided by my two assistants: Marie Mayes and Bruce Crawford.

My sister trying her best to create a red, white and blue tongue!
My plan for this work is to hand it over to Ashby Town Council for their use and to the Ashby Museum. My take on a tiny piece of a lovely day.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .