24 September 2014

Can a car really be this dismal

I was just looking at some of my old blog posts and reading about my 'Van Plan' story that resulted in me buying a Fiat Punto. Well I have to say this has not been a match made in heaven, it is very dull to drive, it makes a whole cacophony of noises that are too expensive to fix and worst of all - the technology. It has many lights on the dashboard - all are useless. For example when I switch the engine on a flashing baby in a baby seat appears - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

I don't have a baby in a baby seat, flashing or otherwise. And here's the really annoying thing. As every other car it has a petrol gauge which also has a really bright light which illuminates when I am down to a quarter tank left - WHY IS IT THERE? I am quite capable of being able to see the gauge and, wait for it, gauge when I need to fill up. I am contemplating investing in a small piece of duct tape to cover up the light.

What this, and most other cars, could really do with on the whole gauge front is one that shows me the fullness/emptiness of something that helps ensure I can see where I am going. It would help me if the windscreen washer bottle had a gauge on the dashboard. It would be more useful, and I'd appreciate more, than two ways of showing me how much petrol is left and something to remind me not to forget my flashing baby.