13 May 2014

Nothing better

There is nothing better than sharing your passion with someone.
I love photography and I love helping people get to grips with their camera. I do this on a 121 basis this means I can tailor the training to suit your needs, your camera, your abilities, your ideas and your requirements.
This is one of the best bits about my job. I was asked by Lisa to show her how to get the best out of her camera and lighting to enable her to photograph her beautiful bespoke jewellery pieces. Her plan was to keep her website up-to-date with all her new creations. Of course I said yes.
I have already helped Lisa by capturing some of her work for her website home page and also her portrait for her about me page and now she wanted help in making the hard working part of her site - the shop - be up-to-the-minute with all of her creations.
No matter what the equipment or the product I can find a way help you achieve what you are after.

You can make any camera work for you with a little knowledge

Here we are experimenting with her point and shoot camera on a mini tripod using lights. This camera had all sorts of little problems - including sensor blobs - but we found a way to work around them. This means Lisa can start capturing her work without having to purchase a new camera or any expensive equipment.
Lisa's jewellery is lovely and I love finding out where her inspiration comes from and seeing the results. If you want to see more of her work have a look here.
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