27 February 2013


Yes you read that right - netwalking - networking and going for a walk - right up my street that one.
This is my second netwalk organised by Skylark Activities and this time it was to Bradgate Park. I met a lot of people I had not met before - which is always bonus - and I got to walk around my old playground. I learnt a couple of things about Bradgate Park that I did not know - it is always a good day when you learn something new. Met one very nice person in particular and am hoping we can do some business together in the future.

Bradgate Park, Leicestershire

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08 February 2013


Decided it was time to get kitted out with work clothes that have my logo on them. When I am out and about working - and particularly when I have an assistant - then people know who it is that is capturing all these images. I have been networking with Dean who runs ept services for a while now and during that time I have been impressed with his products, his passion, his commitment and I was soon to find out - his prices. Today I was asked to go and approve the embroidery interpretation of my logo - and here it is ...

Soon to be worn workwear

I have allowed the logo to be tweaked a little bit so that it works - embroidery is a very different medium to print - and I think we have landed on a pretty good option. Now it has to be embroidered onto 2 tee-shirts, 3 polo shirts and because I am a wuss - a fleece!
It will be a week before I can pick up the finished items and when I have them there will be photos of them being modelled.

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