25 January 2012

New Toy

Interval Timer and Wireless Remote Control
Giga T Pro II

Hahnel Giga T Pro II

Oh yes - bought myself one of these little beauties to experiment some more with interval photography and to create time-lapse movies.

Tonight is the night to set it up and test everything to its maximum. I need to find out how long the battery in the camera will last and how many images can be stored on the cameras CF card. All of these things I need to know to be able to determine at what interval I set the gizmo to capture what I am after.

It's a bit like the equation where if you know two of three of these things then you can work out the other... Miles, Time, Speed. If you know how far you've gone and how long it took - then you can work out your speed. Similarly if you know how long it took and the speed you can work out the distance.

After this evening I will be able to work out so many things - how long I can set up the camera for, maximum number of images I can capture, the duration, the intervals - all of it.

I am mightily impressed with the potential of this - however first problem seems to be that the batteries pre-installed in the Transmitter have gone flat. Quick trip to the supermarket and problem resolved.

Battery was dead in the Transmitter and it is now working with a new battery safely installed. However trying to work out how to use it in the 10 minutes before I have to leave the house this evening is not conducive to getting this correct. Will leave it until the morning and try again then. I love getting to grips with new equipment.

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