19 July 2012

Blog Hit - down but not out

Ooooopps - seems like my blog is getting ignored. I have discovered the Instagram app on my iPhone I have been uploading an image a day through July as a little challenge. This means I have taken my eye off the blogging ball.

At the end of July I will produce a composite of the images taken during the challenge, in the meantime - rather than show you my Instagram images because you will have seen the link to those on Facebook and Twitter - I will show you what I did last weekend:

I don't know if it meant just one light or all the lights in the Church?

The view towards Leicestershire and Rutland

We sent Marie up to the tower - she seemed to be enjoying herself

Uncle Pete: "I am havin' a fagggggg"

I am seeing this cloud formation a lot at the moment

This week I am trying to have the week off to get a lot of jobs done in the house and in the office - getting everything sorted so that I can make the transition from student to business owner. So far I am not having much luck, there is work to do and lethargy struck. However, my handyman came round yesterday and is back again on Friday so I will use that to spur me on. Toughest job I have to do is to develop a system for my work flow. I want it to be easy enough for someone to take it over. At the moment it is a jumbled mess (probably resembles my head) I need to streamline, sort, consolidate, simplify and organise - well that will take more than a week. Onwards.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .