03 May 2012

10 minute presentation

As part of networking - those of you that network know this to be the case - you occasionally have to give a 10 minute presentation about yourself or your work. Something that will help your audience better understand your work, your offer, or the type of customers you are seeking.

Today at WIBN meeting it is my 10 minutes. I have made a power point presentation showing everyone what they should look for when they are thinking of using a photographer, a little about photoshop, things people say to photographers and a bit of fun at the end a competition to see if my audience has been listening.

It also seems that I might be giving this presentation at my Friday morning network meeting (NLB) as this weeks chap cannot be there.

I will be talking about the number of different skills you need in order to be successful as a photographer and liken myself to someone who has schizophrenia as I need more than one head and more than one discipline.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .