17 January 2013

New Years Resolution

I never make resolutions - but this year I did. Simply because I must get on with it and do it. There should be no excuse. The only limit is my knowledge and understanding. So what am I talking about?


Yep backing-up all my business files/folders/images.

As you can imagine I am creating a vast amount of images and there is a lot of (electronic) paperwork to cover issues like quotes, invoices, work progress, account, correspondence, orders, emails etc. 

I have been speaking to various people who are very knowledgeable in this area and, to be frank, they did rather frighten me. I got a clear and concise impression of what could potentially go wrong. I appreciate this and this is why I am anxious to get something up and running. Even though I was scared there was the basis of an idea for a back-up strategy in there.

I have been looking at ways to do the back-ups so that they are incremental and not the whole lot being dumped onto an external hard drive each time. I know from experience that to back up all of it takes more than 2 hours. To be effective and efficient at backing up it cannot take 2 hours each time. So until I have worked out the easiest, simplest, (and possibly cheapest) way of doing that I need to do it the old fashioned way. 

I want to have client images stored on the computer, off the computer and off site. That way I have 2 other places where client images can be found if anything horrid happens to my desktop. On top of that I want to back-up all admin files/folders each week (or perhaps fortnight) and store that information off-site (probably at my mums). 

What I have realised this morning, as I continue dumping all my work onto an external hard drive Santa bought for me, is that I need more external hard drives to accomplish the goals above. I have been onto amazon and ordered more memory sticks and more external hard drives - I do enjoy shopping on behalf of my business. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .