26 April 2012

London trip

Trip down to London to go to a talk, well a question and answer session, with Andrew Graham Dixon and David Bailey.

Went down a little early to take in the Whitechapel Gallery and the new Saatchi Gallery before heading of to the D&AD organised talk at Logan Hall.

I was really looking forward to the talk as it was going to be an 'in conversation with...' type. I love watching Andrew Graham Dixon discussing culture, art and food. An image of Andrew walking up the beach in his Caravaggio programme inspired my 'Small World' project. I decided to print off the image I captured that started all the work and take it along with me. If I got the opportunity I would ask him to sign it.

Not only did I get the opportunity to ask him but had a quick chat and he was delighted to sign the back of the image for me.

The talk was very interesting and some great advice and tall tales from Bailey. As this was a D&AD Presidents talk it will have been recorded and it will probably be on the website at some point in the future. Will put in a link when that happens.

Enjoyed the Saatchi Gallery - massive space beautifully converted and offering more than 15 galleries - all devoted to photography. I really liked work by Viktor Johanssen (I cant find a website for Viktor so have linked you to the BBC website with news about his win)

Viktor Johanssen
It was good to see work I have seen before by Chris Levine, Mitch Epstein, Hannah Starkey and Broomberg & Chanarin were the outstanding images for me. But like I have said before perhaps familiarity works.

Only downside to the day was the rain - oh boy did it rain. We thought we would be indoors all day, but it's surprising how much walking through puddles and being outside it all involved. I went to parts of London I have not been to before and they were actually quite pleasant.

I do not recommend Nandos. What a bewilderingly confusing menu when all they seem to offer is chicken and chips. Plergh. Will not be going again.

Good company - good time.

Received a text whilst I was in London asking if I did Wedding Photography. Hmmmm

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