12 March 2012

Full Moon rising

After seeing the beautiful, almost full moon, the night before I decided to set up the camera and capture images of the moon rising.

The time-lapse set-up was fairly standard once I had decided on which setting to use and off it went. I realised after about an hour and a half that the moon was either not rising in that time slot or it was very well hidden by the clouds.

What resulted was a quite unremarkable time-lapse movie of the night sky and fast moving clouds. Eerie, surreal and atmospheric.


There is sound on this video

For those that are interested in the details:
  • 696 images captured in this movie.
  • Used the Canon 300D on a gorilla tripod.
  • Camera was set to AV on f5
  • I used ISO 800
  • Exposure times ranged from 640th of a second to 2 seconds as the light decreased.

I took this opportunity to develop the new intro and outro for my movies. Really enjoying creating these and cant wait for my first commission.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .