07 June 2012

The moment I made a child cry

Had great fun yesterday capturing another class of 4 year olds for their year end class photograph celebrating the Jubilee. I am not quite accomplished at dealing with children - I tend to treat them as little adults and forget that innocuous things can upset them.

To get them all paying attention to me I gave them some instructions on what I wanted them to do. I asked them to look at the camera. Saying look into the lens would be meaningless so I said "look into the circle - the dark circle. Or look at my hair bobble - which resembles a spider" - whoops.

Whoops - note to self: do not mention spiders in front of children

Poor sweetheart started crying. I knew instantly I should not have said spider and saying look into the deep dark circle might have been a little scary too. Never mind I soon had her smiling again and got the final shot I was after.

The final image ready for printing

Prints are being created and I will deliver early next week. Apart from the little crying hiccup I did rather enjoy capturing these class photographs.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .