31 January 2011


Family Party has finally taken place - what a fabulous night - so lovely to see everyone. a room full of more than 120 people and I was related to every single one of them. Now I can knuckle down to some serious work. I have far too many distractions.

Firstly to get the Fuji Film images shot as the camera and lighting kit needs to be back today.

Just picked up film - the images are looking good. I am pleased with them. Here's a selection:
Frosty Field - Feb 2011

Frosty Logs - Feb 2011
There is something very interesting going on in the foreground of these images and perhaps I will explore that and look at surfaces and touch.

Opel Sunset - Feb 2011
This has a 'pulp fiction' vibe to it and I might have a play around with this to see if I can crop out the fence post. Might be quite interesting.

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