08 February 2011


Using the Bronica was lovely - I do like using film - being careful before pressing the shutter release, making sure you remember all the little things that need doing to safely get the film into and out of the camera, taking the film to be developed (or doing it yourself) and then having a look at the negatives/transparencies when they are done. It is much slower, you have to give yourself time to think. Planning is everything. 

I realised whilst using the Bronica last week that I was making silly mistakes - my fingers were getting in the way of the shutter release and I was capturing images before I was ready; I forgot to take the dark slide out - a perennial problem; incorrectly winding the film on at the end and exposing the last two frames to light - grrr. 

I know that these mistakes were made because I only ever use it once a year and that is always under very strict and tight time schedules. I always feel under pressure and not at all relaxed when I have it.

As a solution - I have decided to ask for contributions towards a medium format camera for my birthday. That way I can play and practice when the inspiration takes me rather than squeezing it into an afternoon.

Having used the Mamiya and the Bronica over the last 6 months I think I prefer the 6x6 format of the Bronica than the 7x5 of the Mamiya.

Right ... where's ebay

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