08 January 2012

Leg has been sorted

Took my product table leg to the engineer to show him the slight issue I had with it. He explained the mechanics of what had happened and corrected it and now it's all fixed I have paid him. This weekend I plan to set it all up and have another session experimenting with ideas I have. I have one piece of kit that I need to try out and once I have decided on that I will be ready.
At my networking meetings this week I mentioned that it, and I, were now (almost) ready to produce studio quality product shots in your home/office. A mobile product shoot studio quality table. Product shots mobile studio. Think all the words are there just not in the correct order. Now if I'm going to make this my USP I need the words sorting. All part of the re branding. The result of my annoucement at my meetings is that I have two bookings for product shots between now and March.
I have set myself some targets with the mobile studio:
  1. Set up product table/lights/camera and set up flashes as Master/Slave units - I know this sounds obvious but I need to be able to do these things quickly, so that they become second nature. This is all new kit and each piece has its quirks and difficulties. But I will need to be able to do this correctly even whilst someone is talking to me. Practice, and when you think you've got it practice again.
  2. Experiment with three lights to see how best to achieve the results I want with them - different objects require different treatments. Glass for example is best lit from below so all its beauty is visible, solid objects will be silhouettes if lit the same way.
I have all day to experiment and all the kit laid out before me.
 Images to follow

Reflection on my targets:
  1. A recent sports photography shoot saw me putting away and setting up the Bowens lighting kit five times in one three hour session. I can, hand on heart, now say I have no issues with setting up and sorting out the Bowens! See practice makes sense. Repetition repetition repetition.
  2. I want to be able to have in the back of my head, three different set-ups for the three different types of products that I will be presented with. That those set-ups will offer a solution for each and then give me the chance to add something else and create what my clients require.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .