06 March 2012

1st March

What a fabulous day. Started with witnessing my fences, my shed and next doors shed steaming. In the past this has always signified a good day ahead. After popping to the post office to renew my road tax I discovered from my friendly post office worker, who is originally from Yorkshire, that she has seen cows steaming on a morning like this. The day was set to be a good one then. 

Delivered images to a client, picked up some notelet packs ready to sell and went to a networking meeting. 

Meeting was fabulous - support, advice and encouragement all around. Sold many of my notelet packs, encouraged response for referrals about my latest business venture, delivered some training and said goodbye to a positive force in my business life, not that she will be too far away (and I will visit). 

Back in the studio I finished a time-lapse movie which I will deliver in the morning after I have had two meetings and before an afternoon on Cannock Chase. This is not a well deserved break but a shoot with Staffordshire County Council's FosterCare team and an Olympic athlete. 

Don't think I have ever loved my life more. All this has been down to my own hard work, my ideas, my ingenuity, my passion, and my oh my can I see the results of that. 

I have some really interesting projects up my sleeve involving a couple of weeks away on location shoots and also starting a 'create and currate' project. The next three months are set to be very busy and lots of fun. 

This weekend I'm off to Focus on Imaging show at NEC and will be hoping to buy two vital pieces of equipment - been told I need to haggle though, which goes against the grain. Have a feeling this weekend is also Crufts and if so I think my cousin might be showing her beautiful dogs, if so I might try and find a way of finding her. If not I shall see her back at home to photograph her pedigree dogs.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .