06 April 2012

Good Friday, Good Week

A photo shoot started the week for the lovely Cheryl - Vibrant Life Aromatherapy. I was capturing her in action so that she can populate her website with unique images of her and not have to resort to stock shots like all her competitors. We had great fun.

After processing the images I can safely say there are some lovely images - they really capture her spirit and skills. I captured this lovely shot of her daughter whilst we were setting up and if you have been paying attention you might recognise Rehanne for a shoot I did back in October.

The weather caused me some issues on Wednesday. On my return from a network meeting at 'Derby Hub' I found that the wind had blown my recycling boxes and bins all the way around to the front of the house and the contents up and down the road. 20 minutes later I had rounded up all my litter - what a performance.

I had an enjoyable time at the lunchtime meeting, seeing a couple of people I have meet before, making new contacts and I also received an offer of a very interesting and exciting contract. Will tell more when it's in the bag.

Thursday saw me taking an obscure route to get to the Ferrers Centre via Breedon on the Hill (don't ask) but I was treated to the sight of Breedon Church, on top of its escarpment, with the snow capped Peak District in the background.

There is no need to show you a photograph of that, use your imagination and consider the beauty of the gorgeous little pockets around us. Caught up with my mate and got the chance to let off steam about a couple of ridiculous things that happened to me this week and returned home full of tea and happiness.

Friday morning I was at my network meeting where I was asked my opinion on the suitability of a new camera for their daughter (lucky girl I say). I also planned the nitty gritty of the half day shoot I am doing on my return on 16th.

After the meeting a few of us went of on a different type of shoot - in the woods. A little bit of field archery is what you need on a Good Friday morning. Decided to give myself the rest of the day off.

This weekend I am preparing camera equipment, ideas, battery chargers and clothes ready for 5 days working at Eden Project again. It is my intention to capture some time-lapse movies; interview and photograph the very talented, enthusiastic, motivated staff and respond to the brief the Eden Project Marketing Team give me during those 5 days. I will be with creative types so I am really looking forward to this.

A networking friend is also down in Cornwall, on a family holiday, next week and has said if there is a cold/rainy day they will all descend on the Eden Project and forewarn me with a text. I am hoping for a rainy day so I get to see them.

More later my friends - and this week has shown me once again just how important my friends are.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .