15 January 2014

Mail Chimp Training

You can never get too much support, mentoring, advice and ideas and recently I have been seeing the lovely people at Growing Rural Enterprise Ltd. When I visited them last week I found out about this wonderful course they are running ...
... and cake too
I really do need some advice on how to use Mail Chimp and think the offer of cake has swung it for me really! Seriously though, I have said for a long time that I do not offer wedding photography. However, if you have been paying attention, you will have noticed Devoted pop up in connection with me. I have set up Devoted to offer wedding photography and have started marketing Devoted to brides to be. Now what I need to do is communicate with the people that I have been networking with over the last three years to let them know I have extended my offer and they can call upon Devoted to give them beautiful wedding photography.
Mail Chimp will also allow me to develop a dialogue with my customers and clients alike and also make me start thinking about offering tips, advice, special deals and beautiful imagery on a regular basis.
Watch this space - or a space in your inbox!
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