12 January 2016

Blooming technology

I've had an issue with technology today and I thought I would share as a gentle way of getting me back into blogging.
I often have trouble getting out of Derby - I invariably get lost - but today was a first as I got lost getting in!
It's a new year and so I have decided to try out some new networking groups. As some of you know I have moved myself, and the business, to Burton and so I am looking to networking in a nice comfortable radius of Burton. I decided to visit Firm Support networking in Derby. I had hoped to join last year but it clashed with other networking I was already doing 60 miles in the opposite direction.
This morning was to be my first visit and I put the address into the phone's sat nav, I checked that the destination the phone had chosen matched with where I thought I was going, it did, and I hit ... GO.
Yep - this is where I need to be heading
I admit I had left it until the last minute to set off - I wanted to avoid all the rush hour traffic and thought giving myself 30 mins for an 13 mile trip was fine and dandy. I have to say the route chosen was a bit off the beaten track, taking me through villages I had only ever seen on signposts, but I was confident I would arrive on time.
I had ten minutes left to arrive as I approached a roundabout with a sign for SinFin Community Centre - I thought hang on this is not quite as near to Pride Park as I thought I was going to be. Then the sat nav said: "At the roundabout, park and walk to your final destination". Now just a cotton picking minute my final destination is the all the way up there. Why have I got to walk?

Red pin = where I should be
Purple pin = where it took me
I pulled over and checked where I was supposed to be going and as you can see above it was a good few miles to go. The sat nav was saying it would take me another 20 minutes to get there. I do not like arriving late for meetings so I sent a text and said: 'sat nav failure, see you next month'. Apologies to all the lovely ladies at Firm Support I promise to be there next month.
This isn't the first time my phone has intervened and caused me an issue. One morning I sent an early morning text to my handsome fellar saying good morning. In gently placing my phone back onto the bedside cabinet I somehow managed to touch the screen in such a way that it cancelled my meeting at 10am that morning and sent an email to the lady I was meeting to tell her it was cancelled and she never showed up!

Are we in control or is the technology?

. . . . . o 0 o . . . . .