16 October 2010

RIBA Stirling Prize 2010

I am fascinated by architecture.

My band of merry photographers and I often take a day out and visit a cathedral or church and attempt to capture its essence. We love these trips. I love the architecture and the iconography. After watching Richard Taylor's 'Churches: How to Read Them' I am beginning to understand what they are saying to me.

I recently watched a Culture Show special when it presented the 2010 RIBA Stirling Prize. I found this very entertaining and now want to visit all the shortlisted entries to photograph them - as they are in UK, Germany and Italy it will be unlikely that I will achieve this, but the ones in UK are definitely on my list.

I was intrigued by a lecture Tom Dyckoff gave about how the early 20th Century Modernist movement has inspired the architecture of the entrants and how they are moving into the 21st Century.

I made notes:

I also thought I should add images of the buildings mentioned:

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (guardian.co.uk)

Pompideu Centre, Paris (greatbuildings.com)

MAXXI Museum, Rome (architecturesdesign.com)

Villa Savoye, Poissy (artnews.org)

Lloyds Building, London (thelondontraveller.com)

Neues Museum, Berlin (guardian.co.uk)

Park Hill, Sheffield (guardian.co.uk)

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