07 January 2011

Here we go...

... two three four
Good start to the New Year. Thankfully I feel better and am all ready and raring to go. The work I handed in on 15th December has been reviewed and I will be receiving feedback next week. I am looking forward to that as I need to know if I am hitting all the right buttons or not. I am a sixth of the way through the course and if this work is not correct then I can put it right for the remaining five sixths. I know my blog has been read so I am really interested in having a conversation about its content and whether it is truly 'reflective'.

Have two competitions to enter with deadlines of end of January or February or early March - it is not clear. One for Fuji Film and the other for D&AD in connection with Bloomberg. Lots to read up on these.

Spent an hour or two in the afternoon navel gazing which was a very worthwhile exercise. Thinking through what my photography practice is, what inspires me, what I like to watch, visit, read and listen to. This all helped me understand what it is that I feel most comfortable with and what I enjoy. This also gave me ideas for the competitions.

After a talk about ideas, current work, the competition organisers and possible outcomes I had 40 mins out with a camera, before it got dark, to take some images to see where my thinking was going with the competitions.

I liked the whimsy of some the images I looked at this afternoon in connection with the FujiFilm competition. This is the image I captured with the low winter sun setting which I feel had that feeling of warmth and whimsy that I was after:

10th January 2011

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