08 February 2011


Have been looking at some very cool things connected with the iPad recently.

Making Future Magic - is really exciting. A mix of animation, light drawings and graphic design.

I downloaded an iPad app created by Joshua Kessler - more than a portfolio but less than website. This really started making my fingers tingle and is something I would like to investigate.

Also looked at Wired app - a magazine in an app. which has interactive advertisements where you can add the product to your shopping basket, areas where you can click for more information, links to websites etc etc. 

The technology to create something like this that will then become an app is very new. But there is a way using InDesign which I began experimenting with. 

I need to purchase to Adobe Suite of Design software for the new computer and then my plan is to create mini apps for specific areas.

Ideas are:

  • Portfolio
  • Project based
  • Portraits

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