08 February 2011


It's all about raising your profile ...

On Friday 4th February I had the opportunity to talk about me and my passion for photography to about 20 local businessmen and women. The desired outcome of this is for people to get to know me and eventually when they have a requirement for photography to pay for my services.

The speech went down very well, I tried to be light hearted but still get across my passion. I created the speech on the iPad and used it to read from. Very useful. Only improvement would be to have a slightly bigger font for when reading it back - perhaps the ability to do that is there I just haven't found it yet.

Later that morning I was over in Birmingham to talk to the Governors of Burton College about the iPad. They want to know how it is going to impact in areas of learning at the college. This was great fun - because once again I was talking about my new toy and how it will help my learning and my business.

During the afternoon I had a call from someone that had heard me speak in the morning asking if we could meet up next week to discuss some work.


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