08 February 2011


I was reading one of my earlier posts about getting distracted and thought I would reflect on this. I am committed to making a success out of this career change and of making my business a success. But I am finding it increasingly difficult to get the time and space to focus on making it a success. 

The distractions have been occurring since September when half of the house fell down. Since then it has been a series of builders, decorators and carpet fitters - all of which have to be worked around. The house was taking control of my life. It was not helping me get on with work.

Emotionally it has been a tough time. Although on the outside I do not appear at all bothered, but deep down I know I am behaving differently. This is understandable - it is after all a bereavement.

Now all the house work is complete and I am getting over the loss I am finding ways of making my working environment more conducive to hard work and less distractions. The search for an office is finally at the finishing post. The front bedroom is slowly transforming into my office as I begin to put all the furniture back into the house. This week I will be purchasing a new PC and monitor, a desk and chair and hopefully by the weekend I will have the office ready to go. 

This will be a haven of tranquility where my thought processes are not being continually interrupted by the noise from the TV or my work being trodden on by cats. 

My productivity will increase. I cannot wait.

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