10 February 2011


Did not have the spare time to take a trip to Nottingham to get my film developed. I need approximately 3 hours for this 60 mile round trip - with an hour whilst I wait for the film to be developed. I didn't want you thinking I drive really slowly.

With petrol prices rocketing the trip would not only take 3 hours of my time but cost me around £10 in petrol and at least £3 for parking - then I need a coffee whilst I'm there so another £3 and that is on top of the cost for developing the film. 

Need a new plan - especially if I am going to do more medium format film work.

I rang and negotiated with Mick at PHOTO about posting the film to him and enclosing payment and a postage paid padded envelope. He was up for that so after raiding my stationery cupboard and a quick trip to the post office I was only £2.05 lighter in my purse. I have decided this is the way forward. Only downside is that I will miss seeing Mick.

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