26 April 2012


It was suggested that I write this down as a way of dealing with how badly I feel I have been treated by a shop.

I went along on Saturday to spend (rather a large amount of) money on photography equipment. People that know me well know I do not do shopping at the best of times (and this was not a good time). I asked simple questions about complicated equipment trying to decide what the difference was between a seemingly similar item costing £399 and another costing £1075. The shop assistants did not know. I know I am asking about new technology but honestly "I don't know" from a Saturday shop assistant is really not good enough from a specialist camera shop.

I decided to give up on my quest for LED lighting kit and chose some off-the-shelf items that were on my list. One of them would have to be ordered in from their head office/warehouse in Milton Keynes. "Would you like that delivered?" "Yes please," I said, not realising this was adding £6 to the cost of the item - oh well it'll be there by Tuesday I thought.

Tuesday I was out. FedEx tried to deliver. I filled out the online tracking dealy. 'Please leave the item in my greehouse' I said. Wednesday they tried to deliver again. I was out. There was nothing in my greenhouse. Again I filled out the online thing and said 'please leave in the greehouse'.

Well today they haven't even bothered trying to deliver. FedEx will not leave it anywhere without a signature from a person. I can go and fetch it (a 40 mile round trip) but I have to go in person as I have to sign for it.

Grrrr ... I phoned the shop I purchased this little item from. "I don't know why they need a signature", they said. "Can I have my money back and I'll buy it from somewhere else?" I asked. "I don't know, call head office". There is a theme developing here! So I spoke to Head Office.

Head Office are asking FedEx to try and deliver again tomorrow. "Can a neighbour sign for it?" Hang on I thought I needed to be there in person if collecting so why can my neighbours suddenly sign for it - and if they can why didn't they do that the very first day. My neighbours are brilliant and we are always collecting and signing for post for each other.

So tomorrow I am going to try and be in - all day! If they fail to deliver again tomorrow the item goes back to the shop - at that point I will ask for my money back (including the delivery charge) and buy the item from somewhere else.

This might be end of this tale - but does anyone else feel that this is not good customer service?

Does anyone else feel that as customers we are all treated like imbeciles, thieves or the same as everyone else?

Companies say they have systems and procedures to deal with people - but they seem to have forgotten that it is people they are dealing with.

I am NEVER buying anything from that shop again. They have missed out on a great deal of customer from me - for this year definitely and for future years as my business takes off.

I would love to be able to treat my customers with the contempt and disregard I have been treated with over this. And do you know I stick by my opinion that shopping is horrid. I'm staying at home.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .