31 May 2012

100 children, 2 network meetings and a give-away

Well I knew today was going to be busy - and I was correct.

Started with accompanying the new Mayor of Ashby Woulds - the lovely Mrs Sue McKendrick - to Albert Village Primary School for her to give to each child a coin and flag to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Every child had dressed in red, white and blue and the room was a riot of colour. A very uplifting and lovely event - so glad I got the chance to capture it. When I saw the children enjoying their flags so much I got Sue to stand in amongst them with their flags waving. Brilliant. It has been sent to the Ashby Times so let's hope they use it.

Mayor of Ashby Woulds Town Council - Mrs Sue McKendrick
and the children of Albert Village School

WIBN Burton meeting went down very well and I had a lot of very positive feedback about my work and the way I work with others. I also received two more commissions and am very excited about those. We had two new members join this month and a visitor who is very excited about being at the Burton Group. Networking really works for me and in more ways than one.

Thought I had time to download the School images when I returned home but time was running away with me and I needed to be at Stephenson College to photograph an event my Friday morning network was holding. A chance for local businesses to meet up and chat and to hear what the plans for the economic future and growth for Leicestershire are going to be and how we can get involved.

 I got to see my new banner, which formed a bank of banners, behind the speaker. I donated a prize for the business card raffle and offered a Business Portrait. The gentleman that won was over the moon and very keen to get in touch to claim his prize. Might be that I can encourage him to use me for other work within his company - I shall see what I can do.

A lovely, busy, rewarding, challenging, encouraging week. Makes me realise just how lucky I am and how I have made the correct decisions every step of the way.

Love my life. Am going to give myself a couple of days off before I start my epic street party time-lapse on Monday!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .