31 May 2012

Two Shoots - One Day

The sun was up, the day was hot, but I had so much fun. Started by capturing a class of 45 4 year olds. What a delight. I really enjoyed that and it was lovely to see Ashley again - who now refers to me as Play-doh Jo!

Home to download the images and create an image where each child was looking up, had their eyes open and not pulling a silly face. Didn't take as long as I thought. I really enjoyed doing this and am hoping it will lead to future work. Delightful.

Prepared for my WIBN meeting tomorrow. Tidied up a time-lapse movie to show, wrote my monthly minute, put together items to show off and wrapped a present for my special friend in case I don't see her on her birthday. Oh and organised a lift.

Then to finish off the afternoon I went and spent an hour with Elaine and Winnie. Winnie was very entertaining when charging around the garden and digging. Managed to get a couple of shots of her panting after her exertions.

Love capturing images of people's pets. So much love.

Got some lovely shots of Elaine for her social media profiles too. A very easy subject to work with and I love some of the images I have captured for her.

Home to download images and prepare them ready for tomorrow along with purchase orders and invoices. Am also sorting prints and business cards for a client. Also tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing my new banner. Busy day ahead tomorrow so will take pics and report on that too. A very satisfying day. And an interesting one ahead on Thursday.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .