24 May 2012

London - A Gig and A Gallery

Off to London to a gig at the Royal Albert Hall. Cannot believe going to the hottest, stickiest place on a hot day. Bad planning. But you cant plan the weather. Decided that galleries will be a cool dark place to be.

Treat on the drive into London - went in via M40/A40 route for a change (actually it was just so I could drive past the Hoover Building). As we drove past I managed to capture a few shots out of the passenger window and have put together a very crude panorama.

What is not to love about this building
Art Deco-tastic. I am going to try and get the opportunity to go in and photograph it one day. Next we drove past the Television Centre - again a lovely building.

BBC Television Centre
Going to see the Ed Burtynsky work at the Photographer's Gallery. Haven't been there since it re-opened so it will be nice to see what changes they have made. Wow the new building is something else - very pleasant.

The Camera Obscura can be seen poking out of the building near the 'P'

It was great to get up close and personal with Ed's work and I also got the chance to investigate some options for mounting/framing my work ready for the exhibition in 3 weeks. Must get on with that this week.

A wander around London in the heat was not a good idea but did get to see Regent Street. The flags are going up and it is starting to get all jubileed and olympicd up!

Regent Street, London

Too hot so then sat in a pub the other side of Hyde Park and discovered that my phone is actually quite cool.

Cool Phone

Then it was too the gig. Seats right at the back, in the highest heights of the Royal Albert Hall - so far away performers were but 10mm dots on the stage. The revolving song book was huge and I took this image with my little point and shoot on maximum zoom.

Songbook Wheel

He was in fine voice and I would say his voice gets better with age. Will be listening to the back catalogue over the summer. Also heard some songs I have never heard him do (or heard he has done) live before - particularly Tramp the Dirt Down. Brilliant.

Home about 2am - hot and done in.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .