29 June 2012


I am sure I am the very last person in the world to discover and use Instagram but I thought I would say things about it. You can follow me and see what I'm up to on there - my account is PhotoJoanne.

After downloading the application I created these delightful images.

Had a play with the tilt/shift part of the application - I can see me using that regularly

Tried something pretty

My host had all sorts of Mexican items - they worked really well

Think this filter is called Kelvin - I like this, I like the messiness

I cannot work out what is going on here - baffling

A pun on returning home :-)
Well I really like the choice of filter/finish on Instagram. I like that you have to think in a square - which I was getting used to when using the Medium Format camera. These images will be no good for anything above the thumbnails you see here - but they are great fun and a good aid to creativity.

I'm liking the Instagram.
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