26 June 2012

Road Trip

Found my way to Manchester no problem. Discovered a neat thing on the iPhone which was really useful in helping me find my way to my destination. Had a great day before I left - developing relationship with new client; making plans for future; getting some great leads; dealing with customer queries; taking advice of my mentor and putting it into action; and getting to grips with new phone - I'm going to need lessons on a couple of things soon!

All good - now all I need to know is where I'm working tomorrow and I'll be fine, if I hear nothing then I'm off to Manchester's art galleries for the day.

I made it to Media City

I made it to Meida City OK and waited for the call to tell me where I needed to be - unfortunantely this call never came. So I spent my time teaching myself how to use my new iPhone. I was also intreguied by Instagram and so had a play with that.

Instagram turned this ...

...into this

Such fun I am going to have with this.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .