13 April 2016

Slightly annoyed

I have messed up a little bit.
I decided to take advantage of a deal on getting 100 6x4" prints from Jessops for a very reasonable price. I thought this might be a different way of handing out my work to people, something a bit more than a business card and something nice for people to keep.
I also purchased a ink pad and stamp so that I could put my details on the back of the photographs.

6x4" photographs stamped on the back

I love the prints and I love the stamp - look how cool those look?
However I had forgotten how none absorbent photography paper is. I have stamped lots of the 100 and the ink on the back - even after a day - is still smudging.
Grrrr. If it doesn't dry I will not be able to hand them out as they will smudge onto the front of the photograph they sit next too. Perhaps I could put them into an envelope - but that takes away from the idea. Slightly annoyed with myself. However if they do dry I will be very chuffed. Any suggestions on how to get them dry. I have tried using a hair dryer and also blotting them - but still they remain smudgeable!
Answers on a postcard please.
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