02 April 2016

Want a busy week? Here's how ...

I have had another tremendously busy week and one that is varied, interesting and immense fun.
It started with a shoot at a Solicitors in Leicester. Lovely people I have photographed them before but as they have taken on more staff and refreshed their website they felt it was time for an update.

Solicitor Portrait shoot using the peeling paint door backdrop

. . . . .
Next I was in Derby to shoot Alive Fitness. Particularly Susan Booth who is a wonderful woman. She and Debbie are planning a very interesting sounding day (9th April) called Va Va Voom a day for women over 40 to discuss what the changes in life mean to our bodies and how we need to deal with them so that we can continue to be who we are and who we want to be. I have signed up for this day and am really looking forward to it. Susan's energy and straight forward way of delivering information means I will enjoy the day. Debbie's wonderfully clear sighted and relaxed approach helps you clear your mind so that you can be who you want to be.

Susan with her team planning the Va Va Voom day

Debbie and Susan - the terrify twosome

Food will help
. . . . .
The Easter weekend had me running around in the rain capturing delightful images of a group of children taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt - on horseback. I loved every minute and wished I had done things like this when I was a kid.

. . . . .
I belong to a couple of brilliant networking groups and this week I was photographing my Friday morning network so that they could have some new images for the website. The 10 minute session was a great surprise as Stewart talked us through his hobby - rather than his successful Drainage business. As you can see his hobby is brass bands and he brought along an instrument for us to have a blow.
Kevin seems to have done this before

Sally loving having a go and making us all giggle
I love my job, particularly the variety of jobs I do. My clients are pretty impressive too.
. . . . . . o o o 0 o o o . . . . .